Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sketchbook Discipline

I have been drawn recently to Stella Im Hultberg's blog due to her posts that chronicle her sketchbook renderings.  I used to keep multiple sketchbooks and fill them daily with images, doodles, concepts and even quotations that I found inspirational or motivating.  It is very true that keeping a sketch diary helps stimulate and spark new ideas for paintings and more serious work, but somehow maintaining that discipline over prolonged periods of time evades me.  Every so often I will declare that the time has come for me to keep a "daily" paintings diary.  This usually lasts a few weeks until I'm distracted by other real-life demands.

Stella has made me long to hone my discipline again.  It's been very fascinating to see her work evolve as she's been doing these sketchbooks.  I find myself wishing I could purchase the pages out of it and hang them on my wall, although the paintings she's doing as a result would make me happy as well.

Thanks for the visual motivation, Stella.  Time to start journaling and sketching again ... on a more regular basis.  Fine art work always benefits from routinely practicing and brainstorming.

A sampling from Stella's sketch diaries ... more work found here:  Stella Im Hultberg

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